We are Parford & FMG, an art collective based out of Ottawa, Canada. Our goal is to give local artists the chance to come forward with their talent and display what has been hiding in our city. We aim to create opportunities for the creatives to expand beyond what our city has been thought to offer. We started organizing events for multiple genres of music mainly ranging from URBAN to ELECTRONIC. Over the course of our first year we have amassed a following & connections that has helped us bridge into other forms of supporting the local art culture like media coverage, fashion, photography etc. Our goal is to expand into any and all art platforms, we are always looking for opportunities to help the people in the art community and we are aiming to become a staple of the greatness our city has to offer. 


This is merely the beginning for us. In just over a year of operation, we have managed to be a part in bringing well known artists in the hip hop industry to the capital such as: COMETHAZINE, 88 GLAM, YUNG TORY, KILLY, JOYNER LUCAS, KEYNES WOODS and FETTY WAP. We have also managed to display the local talents as opening acts like we do for all of our electronic shows. To put some shine on the rapidly growing BASS culture in Ottawa, we created INTERSECTION, a monthly event featuring a mix of local DJ’s who we feel are up-and-coming in the scene and deserve exposure. INTERSECTION has seen such a success in its first year that it has given us the opportunity to give back to the BASS community by presenting bigger artists such as: GREX, DR. OZI, JPHELPZ, MOONBOY, P0GMAN, D3V & SAM LAMAR.


We are constantly innovating and trying to do more for the community of music and art lovers in any way we can. We encourage anyone who wants to collaborate with us to contact us. Whether you are an artist, a collective, a brand or an individual, our principal goal is to provide to the Ottawa community and to create local opportunities.

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